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Our client Victoria, an NLP, and hypnotherapist certified coach, came to us a few months ago frustrated with her coaching business.

She felt she was going nowhere – she did an expensive 6-month online course with a very well-known business mentor on how to get started with her coaching business, excited to start getting new clients.

Even though the program was really good, she couldn’t execute any of the strategies in the program… and the reason why was because she was 1) too busy with their current clients and 2) she also was overwhelmed with all of the tech stuff!

Maybe this happened to you as well.

Have you bought an online course or signed into a program, just to put it on your to-watchlist, but you never seem to find the time to go through the modules? When you finally have the commitment to skip your favorite Netflix show to watch the training … now comes the hardest part! TO EXECUTE!

Victoria was overwhelmed with the amount of information she received during the training. She just didn’t know what to do, or where to start – It was too much information to digest. She felt paralyzed. She was overthinking and didn’t understand how or where to start executing her online marketing strategy.

Eventually, the clients she was working with started to leave as she was finishing with them. She was not prospecting for clients due to lack of time and how overwhelmed learning more tech made her feel… her business started to spiral downward.

See, relying primarily on referrals is not a good strategy, nor is it trying to do everything on your own.

When Victoria came to us she only had a Facebook Business Page and a Domain redirecting to that Facebook page – (not the best first impression for a potential client).

We started working with her in some different aspects:

1. Defining her target market.

She was trying to help men and women shift their mindset and beliefs about themselves…

If you’ve watched our training, you’ll know: “The riches are in the niches.” – Robert Kiyosaki.

Victoria now developed a new mission statement that speaks to her dream clients:

“I help busy professional women empower themselves after a significant setback or life change”



2. Creating a Client Attraction System (C.A.S) for her:

The client attraction system is simple, but I’m not saying it’s easy to make it work. -why?

There are several factors to consider:

  • Communication – how are you communicating your true value to your ideal clients through all your marketing materials?
  • Brand image – is your branding reflecting your values ​​as a professional coach, therapist or practitioner?
  • Traffic strategy – are you targeting the right people on your Facebook campaigns and maximizing the budget spend in order to get bookings for your free discovery sessions?

All the above factors need to work like a well-oiled machine in order to create a Client Attraction System that works for you.

Victoria already had her URL domain pointing to her Business Facebook Page. – we helped her put a landing page using clicea.com and to develop a consistent brand and communication on her  new website and funnel.

We guided her through the process of creating a free presentation to not only position herself as an expert but to also attract her tribe and repel those ones who don’t resonate with her message.

We created a Facebook ad campaign that within the first 24 hours of turning it on, brought her 2 bookings with only $ 15 spent. – those are great results!

– Now she’s booking 3-5 discovery sessions per week like clockwork without lifting a finger.

  • Without relying on referrals.
  • Without attending to networking events.
  • Without blogging all the time
  • And … without feeling overwhelmed by tech.

Here’s what Victoria says about working with us:

Those are the kind of results that we produce at Digital Creature and with our program “Level Up Your Coaching Business”. The LIFE-CHANGING type of results.

If you want us to help you get this type of results and be our next case study, click here and we’ll show you how you too can get the coaching business of your dreams.


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